Company Mission

With our collection of Umikara Double Moisture Gel, Gokayama Soya Extract Cream, Aishitoto Collagen Jelly, Aishitoto Fiber Jelly, Umikara Facial Soap, etc., we want to contribute towards enhancing happiness of clients as we believe that happy women will bring positive change to our society. We focus not just on sales but on delivering heart-warming messages to our customers. Our company has been working on various projects which includes launch of magazines for our members and participation in educational promotion & environmental conservation activities.

Along with remaining focused on our aim of becoming the best company in the world that cares about its customers, we have expanded our business overseas across the Asian countries. 

Our Business Guidelines

  • Work with the mindset which a manager carries
  • Run business with dedication for customers
  • Contribute towards bettering society
  • Delivering genuine heart and superior quality products to customers
  • Become beneficial person with a growth mindset
  • Have right business mindset instead of profit seeking mind
  • Remain humble, grateful, honest, and patient
  • Consider our people first before making our products
  • Keen to learn and never fall after looking at barriers
  • Follow general knowledge of business and have common sense of society

Commendation Achievement

We have passed a long time in the industry and have consistently made achievements in our works. Below points are explaining some of them:

  • Received Monde Selection Award for 14 consecutive years
  • Received Crystal Prestige Trophy and International High-Quality Trophy for 10 consecutive years
  • From past 14 years, we have received 245 medals of the Monde Selection Award
  • 27 products of the company have received International High Quality Trophies
  • Called as an outstanding enterprise, under the Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program for 2 consecutive years
  • Have won Gold Award in Health and Productivity Management Enterprise.
  • The Japanese emperor awarded, Hatsue IWAMOTO with Honor Medal that had dark blue ribbon. 
  • Aishitoto was selected as top 300 SMEs by METI
  • Aishitoto received the commendation from the minister of justice.
  • Aishitoto because of its excellent work in Stop Drunk Driving campaign, received the commendation from Fukuoka City Government. 
  • In 2020, our offered URUOI SENGEN (Collagen Jelly) became The Best-selling Collagen Jelly brand in 2020. 
  • Our company has been ranked grade AA by Standard & Poor Japan SME Ratings



  • HRK Co. Ltd. was established
  • Hatsue IWAMOTO published The Second Life
  • First launch of HRK Stockings


  • New office of H. R. K. Haruka Co. Ltd., was established
  • Commenced H. R. K. Efise Co. Ltd. (In 2001)
  • Commenced HRK Co., Ltd. (In 2003)


  • Made debut on RKK Radio with the program, Blessings from Hatsue IWAMOTO
  • Established our distribution center


  • Introduced URUOI SENGEN (Collagen Jelly)
  • Standard & Poor Japan SME Rating ranked our jelly as grade A.


  • Received our first Monde Selection Award


  • Standard & Poor Japan SME Rating ranked us grade AA
  • Got reward of No.1 Best Selling Collagen Jelly by URUOI SENGEN


  • From the Japanese emperor, Hatsue IWAMOTO was awarded the Honor Medal that has dark blue ribbon.
  • Attained 86% repeat rate.


  • Established Karatsu Distribution Center
  • Inaugurated Collagen Buffet Restaurant
  • Changed company name to Aishitoto Co. Ltd.
  • Established GOKAYAMA Tofu Restaurant
  • Aishitoto Co. Ltd. (Taiwan Branch) was started


  • Received GMP certificate for Karatsu factory
  • Launched Aishitoto Collagen Hair Water in association with Kinki University. This was made from collagen, extracted from the skin of yellowtail- Kindai Buri


  • As we received International High Quality Trophy for 10 continuous years, we were awarded Crystal Prestige Trophy
  • Launched functional foods with the name Aishitoto Fiber Jelly and Aishitoto Ceramide Plus.
  • For excellent contribution in drunk drive campaign, we received commendation from Fukuoka City Government.
  • Became official sponsor for Kyushu Mommies Volley Ball Championship


  • METI chose us as Top 300 SMEs
  • Launched Aishitoto Memory Plus++ which was developed by Fukuoka Bio Valley Project and Kyusyu University
  • Started Aishitoto (Cambodia) Co. Ltd.
  • Registered sale of over 400 sachets of Aishitoto Collagen Jelly, from its first launch


  • Mr. Nakamura became managing director and Ms. IWAMOTO became representative and CEO
  • Our program, Blessings from Hatsue IWAMOTO reached over 1500 times of radio broadcast
  • Started Aishitoto (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
  • For two consecutive years, we were certified as Health and Productivity Management Enterprise. We also won Gold award in Health and Productivity Management Enterprise.
  • Started GOKAYAMA Tofu Bakery


  • Started our Esports business and supplied supplement for professional esports players. We became the first official sponsor of professional esports teams.
  • Started Aishitoto (Singapore) Pte Ltd., Efise (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. (Aishitoto Exclusive Distributor) and Efise (Shanghai) International Trading Co. Ltd. (Aishitoto Exclusive Distributor)
  • For 10 consecutive years, our URUOI SENGEN (Collagen Jelly) became the best selling product.
  • For expanding GOKAYAMA Tofu Business, Aishitoto Collagen Buffet was closed down.
  • Started online seminar of Hatsue IWAMOTO


  • Began New Year Dishes business of Aishitoto
  • Launched GOKAYAMA Soya Extract Skin Care Series
  • Started selling UMIKARA Skin Care Series
  • Made donation of 5000 bottles of hand sanitizers to local authorities of Fukuoka
  • Established CS Entertainment Co. Ltd.

Research and Development

To launch new and improved products, we regularly conduct researches. A few examples of them are:

In collaboration with Kindai University, we released the first hair water (Aishitoto Collagen Hair Essence) of the world. It was made using collagen that are extracted from the Kindai Buri, which is skin of yellowtail. 

In association with Fukuoka Bio Valley Project and Kyusku University, we made Aishitoto Memory Plus, which highly benefits in enhancing memory.

We, in partnership with Kyusku University, are conducting researches on prevention of Alzheimer Diseases. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We have implemented different activities for developing a sustainable community, establishing a comfortable working environment, protecting the variety of our ocean and attaining our 17 such sustainable development goals. Here we are briefing about some of them:

  • Environment- We are taking several strict measures and actions to protect the natural environment and sustain resources for the next generations. 
  • Society- We are working to develop such a society, where people care about happiness of each other, regardless of imparities & age. 
  • Employees- Before providing health to our respectable customers, we are focusing on providing good health and positive energy to our employees.
  • Education- For nurturing mind-set and skills of children, we have been carrying out different social activities including knowledge on food education, rice planting project and company tour.
  • Safety and Quality- To provide safe and secure products to customers, on a regular basis, we have been conducting research & development and quality & sanitary management activities. 

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